Statutory or private health insurance?

Statutory or private health insurance?

Health protection is a topic that must interest everyone. In the first place, the question still remains in which kind of health insurance you should cover your own health. Particularly after the health reform in recent years, the requirements for a good fund have increased. The question remains whether you would not be better off in private health insurance. In the end, this question can easily be answered for most employees. More about compare two stocks on one chart.

The step into the PKV is difficult
Private health insurance is still subject to a few different principles from those in statutory insurance. So not everyone can easily opt for joining a PKV. Only for entrepreneurs, freelancers and people with a very high income is the way always free. In most private health insurance companies, for example, a minimum salary is required for employees to pay contributions. This also includes a health certificate on the pre-existing conditions of the contributors. The insurance company also tries to cover any problems. Anyone who plays with the idea of ​​joining private insurance should also deal with the age for entry. The younger you are, the lower the contributions over time. This is mainly due to the reserves for old age. In the case of a late entry into the PMI, the general monthly payments are considerably higher. For these reasons, private insurance is not the right choice for every employee. If they are narrowly selected, a comparison of tariffs is an important tool.

Find the right legal insurance

In the case of statutory insurance, you do not have to worry about the prerequisites as contributors. Everyone is free to travel, which of course is a considerable advantage over the private coffers. But here, too, a lot has changed in recent years. Many statutory health insurances are now levying additional contributions in various areas. Additional contributions are made for some vaccinations. In doing so, one or other point is not covered, which in principle belongs to the basic tariff in private insurance. An additional protection for the teeth can be very useful. In the end, it is important to get the right services at the right price. Since the costs can not be regarded as a standard, but may be very close to each other, a comparison of tariffs and insurance on the Internet is recommended. With a few clicks you can see the tariffs of the different providers. The various supplementary contributions are also considered. If you use the Internet to find the best rates, you will find the right offer in every insurance.

News from the area of finance and business are currently causing a stir.

Apparently there is hardly any positive news.
There is no rest on the economic market. If the global crises of the EU yesterday, the financial crisis of Greece and Ireland were a topic, today the planned insolvency of the drugstore chain Schlecker is on the agenda.
The obvious decline of the Schleckerimperium was simply impossible for many, but does not seem to stop.
Of the more than 8000 branches, which were widely known throughout Europe, several hundred were closed. This again means the loss of many jobs.